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Hardly to find such a company in the tool branch which can be so proud of the fact that after a nearly 25 years of activity not only simply exists on the market but could increase outstandingly its market share year by year.
FAIRTOOL Kft. is a company of this kind, due to its reliability, the high quality of its goods distributed, the wide and rationalized range available on stock and the high level services.The professionel expertise and highly appreciated loyalty of our staff have a really great significance in realizing these astonishing results as well.
With the wide product range we endeavour to serve all the industrial demands on tools coming from the production, as well as from the maintanence. For this reason we keep on stock standard and high quality tools to be able to meet the different kinds of industrial demands. That enables our partners to find always the right solutions for their applications for the most favourable price/performance ratio.The tools we distribute represent high industry standards, we have Manufacturer’s Warranty on them.In 2001 we have also acquired the ISO 9001 certificate which has been approved by the standard of ISO 9001:2015.
Currently we are stockpiling industrial tools in a value of 800 Million HUF, which is the largest and widest stock in Hungary. Primarly we represent the leading tool factories from Europe but thanks to our wide and reliable contact-network we can import from many other countries outside Europe as well. The basic idea is to continually maintain the rationally developed, high value and wide range stock, including different kinds of quality levels.This contributes to our quick delivery capability and prefinancing activity which enable our customer to save pretty amounts of money, when dealing with us.  
In addition to our sales activities we are always on the way to improve the level of our basic services, which can also be part of the successful cooperation with the customers. We grant full technical advice if required which is ensured by the high level technical knowledge of our staff.The logistics background makes it possible that our partner can get the goods ordered within 12/24 hours to any part of the country.

FAIRTOOL Kft. has entered a new era on the 1-st of July 2012 since it has become part of the HABERKORN Group, a market leading company in Austria, dealing with mainly technical  and work safety (OSH) products in Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. The customer focused business philosophy of FAIRTOOL, the high level qualification and motivation of its employees, the high quality goods and services are in fully accordance with those of the HABERKORN Group and this can be the cornerstone of a successful long term relationship of which benefits are our costumers to profit.


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Fekete Zsuzsanna

Managing Director

1101. Budapest, Kőbányai út 47/b. Tel.: (36-1) 260-8025 Fax: (36-1) 261-9561 E-mail:
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